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Become a Master University Teacher!

Do you consider yourself an expert on a subject that you think might be useful for personal or professional growth?
Do you want to share your expertise?
Would you like to become a trainer and gain from the management of "your" training?

Master University offers the opportunity to create a course through which you can teach students around the world, developing your personal brand and earning by the spread of your know-how.

  • Acquisition of new students and professionals
  • Earn money from the sale of video courses
  • Advertising targeted through blogs and social networks
  • Development of Branding Positioning
  • Improvement of Personal Branding
What we offer
  • Recording material and personal page
  • Ability to insert free courses and / or for a fee
  • Advertising on all Master University channels
  • Custom Business Model
  • Payment system with efficient division fees
  • Think

    Transfer your know-how to the world. You can teach what you like ... and spread it in any time and on any device.
  • Create

    Create a course for Master University, manage your personal page and create your own brand in the network.
  • Teaches

    Reach millions of online students all over the world and manage a 360 ° your training and contacts with students.i.
  • Earn

    Develop your personal brand and start earning money with what you love to teach thanks to video-quality courses!
Some Testimonials
  • tito-menzani

    The bookish learning exclusively belongs to the last century. I noted with pleasure that thanks to Master University it is possible achieve quality content, tailored to the training needs of today and tomorrow.

    Tito Menzani - Professor, University of Bologna
  • francesco-gavello

    An online training always available, accurate and supported by the teacher, carried out in a virtual classroom extremely effective. Learn by doing, practicing techniques and strategies that I use to my clients too!

    Francesco Gavello - Consultant and Trainer Web and New Media
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