Great! The course has been prepared and sent to the staff for validation. Once validated it will be issued.

The publication of the course includes defining some areas very important for students to decide to purchase it.

- Create a description of your course

Insert an introductory text to describe the course, the study program and the topics covered will help to engage students and provide necessary information to stimulate the purchase, so that students know what they are going to buy.

- Send all the information of the course

After the description, you must send all the details about the video course: a text with the course objectives and the skills and abilities that students acquire at the end, any description of the individual lessons and the price.

The course can be free or paid. In setting the selling price of the video course it is important to establish the proper relationship between the value given to the course and what it is expected that a student is willing to pay.

- Enter your details and create your own biography

Make a complete professional biography allows students to evaluate properly the purchase. Also it provides the information needed to determine the importance and validity of the online course. Experiences, collaborations, texts and publications: everything contributes to show the quality of teaching and to add value to the course!