- Create and send a video test

The creation of 2/5 minutes of video test is the first step to realize the online course. It allows you to check the hardware and software settings, assess the technical quality and get advice from our staff to improve and fix any problems. This increase significantly the chances of course publication, and reduces the risk of having to overhaul the entire work. Send us your video test through this page.

Follow the audio and video settings suggested to achieve the quality level required by Master University.

- Learn how to make a great video course

Video Quality

The video quality is very important for a good experience of the course, and it is carefully controlled under review by our team.


  • Each lesson should have a minimum duration of 15 minutes.
  • The video must be in high definition with minimum 720 p, with a clear lighting and exported in 16: 9.
  • The environment must be clean and bright and the background to be in sharp contrast with the person.
  • Accepted file are mp4, wmv, mov.
  • Look directly into the camera as if you’re talking to people nearby.

Recommended software:

There are many ways to implement video courses, below are some software suggestions:

Audio quality

The audio quality is extremely important to ensure students a positive experience and conclude the course.

The basic advice is to create a registration room where there are no internal and external noise, avoiding anything that causes them.

Use a good microphone, properly connected, and speak clearly and directly.

Recommended microphones:

In addition to the microphone it can be useful to use a POP filter (http://goo.gl/iYnVCE) to limit some background noise and the incidence of some consonants.


Furthermore, to make your presentation we suggest the use of Prezi.

- Make a promotional video

The creation of a promotional video of the course (for approximately two minutes) is a useful tool to communicate the validity of the course content and entice students to purchase.

The trailer must be catchy and must engage potential students, summarizing the contents of the course, objectives, skills that will be acquired and leave room for curiosity!

- Submit your course

Now you’re ready to send your course to Master University! (via this link).

After being revised our staff will send you a notice on the outcome of the validation. Where they were detected anomalies or technical problems you can make the necessary changes, thanks to the suggestions that we will send.

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